As visual artist Luis Garcia works in projects ranging from Photography, Audiovisual and Installation. He follows on subjects around the experiencing of territorial space, time and nature which commonly interacts in different media.

As crossovering to Performance AV and Theatre arts some projects conform writing development to staging, to performance, being EonNeon it’s side projects live periodically since 2016 on-site and online.


EonNeon is an interactive visual multi-platform project.
EonNeon connects with music, technology, digital arts
and the territories of contemporary visual art and performance.

EonNeon is just a tag, but I, (we) rebel upon tags.
We fight for multiplicity then union for all.
We grow in rhizomatic becoming one.
A one same, same spirit, different approaches.

I collide in a line, but that which defragment and reunites in
a different form, still EonNeon.

EonNeon as galaxies and countless dust, fluorescent, chromatic, litmus.
The future inhabited in its colourful forms, the present entangled.